This is where the exhibition is held

Each year, over the Easter Holidays, the Hobsonís Bay Model Railway Club holds a model railway exhibition. This exhibition is unique amongst such events in this country in that we stipulate that all of the layouts that are exhibited must be of Australian prototypes. Since itís inception in 1994, the exhibition was held at the Albert Park Collage and laterly at the Collingwood College, for the unmissable three days of the event but for the last few years (and into the foreseable future), we have moved to our new home (and very modern facilities) in the Union Hall, at the LaTrobe University, Bundoora Campus. As has been the case in the past, aside from the layouts, we have the usual compliment of trade stands - both new and second hand - as well as ďhow toĒ demonstration stands and representatives from many of the local manufacturers and importers. We also conduct a modeling competition and we even set aside a space for those brave souls who donít mind doing their thing (modeling-wise, that is) in front of the public, so that anyone who might be interested, can see how it should be done.

Exhibion Flyer 2017

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Saturday JULY 2nd.

Sunday JULY 3rd.

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